This is Pascal, CEO @ Walkthrough and here’s a quick story of why Walkthrough was born. 

Diego and I were best friends in high school. His parents worked late hours at the family restaurant trying to make ends meet so I offered to drive him home from school every day. In return, he’d laugh at my stupid jokes. 
Fast forward 10 years after going to college together he decided to move to Austin, Texas where he got a full time role as a software engineer at General Motors. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Diego got his real estate license and would work throughout the day and then show homes at night.  

One night at 8pm in April of 2016 he called me and said “Hey Pascal, I’m on my way to a showing for the next 40 minutes, do you have time to talk?”

It hit me. 

Why the hell was Diego driving 40 minutes one way just to open a door for a client for 10 minutes so they could see the home and then drive 40 minutes back home?

Then I realized this isn’t the first and only time Diego did this…

He does this on most of his week nights and on weekends. He drives through rush hour traffic, sometimes even during the pouring rain, all because that’s when his clients have time to look at homes. 

I realized on that phone call that if that if a better solution existed, he’d be able to take time off in the evenings to spend time with his girlfriend, or take weekends off to see family back in Florida where we grew up. 

I had the solution in mind. Just before Diego called I literally just put on my first virtual reality headset. 
It blew my mind. I had tried the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR (the headset where you throw your phone into the device), but these virtual reality headsets I tried were even more advanced and it absolutely blew my mind.

I knew home buyers would be able to tour homes using Virtual Reality to get a real feel for a home without needing to drive there. The goal would be to knock out the 10-20 homes the buyer wants to see, to their top 2 that they would visit in person. 

Thats how the idea for Walkthrough was born. 

After spending the next 3 days building an initial first version, we ran the demo by as many people as we could and the response was amazing.

Here is a 45 second overview of the demo we built with feedback from real users!
I knew our virtual reality product would be a hit if even my 77 year old mom & dad who call me every time they need to add an attachment to an email, thought this would be a good product.
Every agent we showed this to loved it, but each of them asked “How are you going to get all of the homes my clients want to see in your database?”

That’s when the photography product was born. 

We learned that if you were an agent and offered this amazing marketing package and a competing agent just offered photos - then you as an agent would win more clients. 

Then we realized if we outcompeted every other photography company on price and offered more value, then the more people would use our package and we’d have more homes in our database for buyers to tour.

Since we first started on June 1st, 2016 Jeremy (my co-founder) & I have slaved away on nights and weekends to make this a reality. We would shoot photography during the day and then code at night. 

Today we now have a product that we think you love:
This dream all started with Diego giving me that first call and today we’ve started piloting the virtual reality experience at Keller Williams HQ, Sotheby’s, and LIVE Urban. 
I hope this story sheds some light on our mission and what we’re trying to achieve and I look forward to involving you in our community!

We’re giving the Virtual Reality experience away currently for FREE (you just need a headset) just to get more adoption! If you would like to learn more about how you can use this with your clients, put in your name and email below and we'll follow up to coordinate a time for you to try out the Virtual Reality demo!
I’m looking forward to working with you!

Pascal (AKA - P$) Wagner

PS - If you like adding people on Facebook, this is me. If Twitter is more your style like me, you can find me @PascalWagner1 or @GetAWalkthrough. I also respond to every email that comes into my inbox at pascal@getawalkthrough.com.

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